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Welcome to a collection of my photography and graphic design creations. Most of the content is simply an exploration of ideas and visions I randomly discover or encounter in this journey of life. Please enjoy the journey with me. It is often quite interesting.

Planetary Not Sedentary

inspired by a random photo, planets aligned

Creative Photography
Lost Yet Found

play outside the box, challenge the status quo, l.i.v.e.

Through the Looking Glass

peeping on the outside world

Tube Lights  20200707_213421c.jpg
Lights          Action

where there is light there is action, capture it

Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle

jungle, urban or concrete, a fascinating source of endless inspiration

No Filter

frequently nailed shots, nothing additional needed

The big lesson of planetary science is when you do a first reconnaissance of a new kind of object, you should expect the unexpected.

Alan Stern

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