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" artist statement " 

expressing myself via a creative outlet has helped me cope with my madness the best way I can. It feels that my work is a language I understand and therefore I live in a lonely world. I survived to be 28 luckily. The ability to express myself visually is a necessity for me to maintain a form of sanity. My goal in photography and graphic design is to inspire thought, the type that ideally takes one outside of their standard cardboard box. I'm thinking more of a Tiffany robin's egg blue box, or perhaps a scratch their head kind of moment while wondering exactly what is in the artist's head. Mine is typically lost in thought and ideas and I manifest them as often as possible. Macro is my favorite style to shoot as I love creating beauty out of the mundane. I see layers, colors, depth of field, settings and never ending possibilities just looking at a crack in the sidewalk. It gives me a sense of satisfaction in all aspects of art when I witness a patron of an art show or museum take more than a moment to absorb and decipher what the artist's intent may been. Art is exceedingly subjective, two individuals may interpret a single piece on opposite ends of the spectrum. As I am a fan of layers and colors I will frequently add a touch of the vision inside my imagination to accomplish the end goal.   

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